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Dr. Carla J. Cooke

Global Psychologist | Entrepreneur | Mental Wealthness Expert

We Help High-Achieving Women Entrepreneurs
to Take Care of The Business of Self to Be More Successful in Business
By Practicing Mental Wealthness Principles.
Mental Wealthness is a state of elevated, abundant mental well-being
that's achieved through the cultivation of psychological, emotional, relational, and cognitive resources.
Mental Wealthness is grounded in actively pursuing self-awareness, emotional freedom, and operating at peak performance states.
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Meet  Dr. Carla

Dr. Carla J. Cooke is affectionately known as a “quiet storm.” This NJ resident is a trusted voice in the field of Psychology and has been known to empower audiences across the globe. Focusing on the importance of mental wellness, she has spent her career ensuring that communities have proper tools and resources that aid them in healthy psychological experiences. Obtaining several degrees, with the most recent being her Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology, this Licensed Psychologist is also certified in EMDR (evidence-based trauma informed therapy method) and Faith Formation (via Fordham University). Additionally, she is an author, a mentor, and a CEO. Her ability to honor relationships and lead with transparency sets her up as a woman of strength, freedom, and compassion with the ability to shift environments. Dr. Carla believes that “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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Transform Your Life

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"She put me in a spell, I was in a trance. It was hyptomtopic, I was transformed from a 7 minute speech..."

Todd Saylor, Visionary of Wired Differently and Bestselling Author

Audience Testimonials

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Dr. Carla’s Most Requested Talks and Seminars Include:

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Healed People Heal People and Why it Matters to You Now More than Ever

  • We take a look at the lives of ordinary individuals who have had an extraordinary impact on perspective about living and learn healing principles to practice that will help us to grow and develop personally, relationally, spiritually, emotionally, and vocationally

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Don’t Leave you out of your Business: Making You the Center of Your Success

  •  The room is transformed into a space where psychology meets methodology to apply principals for self-care, self-compassion, and self-connection

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From Superhero to Whole: Unlearn Problem Patterns to Unleash Power, Peace, and Poise

  • In this fun session, we examine the lives of our favorite superheroes and learn the lessons they share to teach us to transform in ways that promotes harmony, peace, acceptance, and strength. 

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Me vs. Me: Mastering a Mindset to Maximize that Creates Momentum

  • Lean into lessons from positive psychology that position us to show up powerfully and optimally in order to create, step into and maximize opportunities as influencers who are valuable change agents ready to improve the world around us. 

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Executive Decisions: The Wisdom of Welcoming Mental Wellness in the Workplace

  • This conversations places factors like transparency, vulnerability, and compassion front and center to reveal how they promote and environment that values psychological safety, decreases stress, and increases mental well-being. 

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