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Most Requested Talks and Seminars

How Healed People Heal People and Why It Matters to You Now More than Ever


Each of us is truly a gift to the world and as we evolve into the highest version of ourselves, we will continue to change the atmosphere around us, others we encounter, and the world. In this time together, we take a look at the lives of ordinary individuals who have had an extraordinary impact on perspective about living and learn healing principles to practice that will help us to grow and develop personally, relationally, spiritually, emotionally, and vocationally.


Participants will learn how to:


  • Identify personal characteristics that promote healthy adaptive functioning and how to practice them in daily life

  • Take a deep dive into lives well lived and embrace the power of empathy and authenticity

  • Examine 7 ways healed people heal people

  • Increase motivation and commitment to improve one day at a time and be a living legacy that touches each individual corner of the world

From Superhero to Whole: Unlearn Problem Patterns to Unleash Power, Peace, and Poise

There’s a common human experience for many of us to over-function in life and societal, cultural, and familial norms often apply pressure that contributes to the problem. Living with extremes and in over-drive is even more noticeable during times of stress and can lead to overwhelm, exhaustion and burn-out. The good news is that our businesses, relationships, and personal lives will thrive when we discover and modify nonadaptive dynamics and problematic patterns. In this fun session, we examine the lives of our favorite superheroes and learn the lessons they share to teach us to transform in ways that promotes harmony, peace, acceptance, and strength.



Participants will learn how to:


  • Discern the root causes of over-functioning, the course of their development, and evidence of how they show up in day-to-day ways.

  • Develop a better understanding of alternate healthy behaviors and drill down on ways to incorporate the new actions into habits.

  • Increase a commitment to pursue passions with balance, endurance, and peace of mind.

  • Add new perspectives about purpose to propel forward in business and life with intention.

  • Embrace healing that allows others to experience a heart positioned to give in ways that help, heal and harmonize.

Don’t Leave you out of your Business: Making You the Center of Your Success


As high achievers we naturally thrive on our accomplishments and business success. Yet, we often overlook and undervalue our mental wellness as we are about the business of doing business. The truth is that 1 in 4 adults have a diagnosable mental illness; complaints and conversations about burn-out have skyrocketed since the pandemic; and stress is at an all-time high. This session provides a much-needed timeout to address personal needs that in the end will help us succeed.  The room is transformed into a space where psychology meets methodology to apply principals for self-care, self-compassion, and self-connection.


Participants will learn how to:


  • Address pitfalls high achievers experience by only focusing on business success 

  • Identify the top barriers to mental wellness practices and how to avoid them 

  • Apply principles for self-care, self-compassion, and self-connection to enhance life and living well

  • Increase personal commitment to making mental wellness a priority

Me vs. Me: Mastering a Mindset to Maximize that Creates Momentum 


We’re in an internal struggle and the fight is a matter of the mind. In fact, research shows we have 40,000 to 70,000 thoughts in each day, but the astonishing thing is that 80% of them are negative. Our thought life has a direct relationship on behaviors and feelings. Therefore, those who succumb to stinking thinking patterns live with limitations that show up as low expectations, lack of resources, and less ability to meet the daily demands of life.  Lessons from positive psychology however will position us to show up powerfully and optimally in order to create, step into and maximize opportunities as influencers who are valuable change agents ready to improve the world around us.


Participants will learn how to:


  • Identify the root causes of negative beliefs that shape behaviors and lead to unfulfilling and challenging life paths

  • Develop alternate ways to transform thoughts in order to enhance living and life using success principles

  • Dismantle limiting beliefs that create locks on our ability to influence needed change around us with one powerful shift

  • Utilize brain hacks that shifts thinking in positive directions and promotes emotional freedom to position us to maximize opportunities for growth, self-actualization, and community advancement

Executive Decisions: The Wisdom of Welcoming Mental Wellness in the Workplace


We are living in rapidly changing times that directly impacts the workplace in ways that opens exciting opportunities yet also creates challenges that must be navigated successfully. Key considerations like quiet quitting; fairness and equity; restructuring work hours; remote work arrangements; and attention to mental health are impacting the landscape. Companies that thrive are those that keep up with changing times, but it places a demand on the entire organization and affects individuals at all levels of organizations. The good news is that an emphasize on mental wellness provides, organizations and the people who make the company great, with stability, resiliency, and productivity. This conversations places factors like transparency, vulnerability, and compassion front and center to reveal how they promote and environment that values psychological safety, decreases stress, and increases mental well-being.


Participants will learn how to:


  • Identify nontraditional opportunities to create a culture in the workplace where mental wellness is fostered and embraced

  • Assist first-level manages with successfully navigating stressors of meeting daily demands successfully while facilitating positive mental wellness practices

  • Implement strategies to ready the workforce to shift into promising mental wellness practices

  • Discover the power of vulnerability, how to utilize it effectively in the workplace, and ways it will transform the environment.

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