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Healing Outside The Box

Healing Outside The Box

SKU: 4351230

Give yourself or someone you want to loveon this gift of healing that comes in a box but helps to heal outside the box...


The value is unmatched and all that's inside is certain to have an positive impact!


Healing Outside the Box includes:

  • Your Keepsake Box
  • Emotions Are Messengers In Color - Adult Coloring Book with starter colored pencils
  • On Being Well Workbook: Foundations of Positive Emotional Health
  • On Being Well Wellness Experience Audio CD - A Stress Management Resource with Dr. Carla's Voice, Guidance, and Process to Refresh, Recharge, and Reset! Includes deep breathing, guided imagery, progressive relaxation, grounding and more...
  • Healed People Heal People Journal with Emotion Stickers


Valued at $65

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